Special attribute names for cost calculations

zbu_cost | zbu_material | zbu_minute

When a price is shown in the BoxUp selected window or in one of the lists, a new calculation is made.

BoxUp will for any component selected and all its sub-components, look for the special attribute names – zbu_cost – zbu_material – zbu_minute, and add up the values found. The attributes names must be exact.

BoxUp provide three special DC functions for easy calculation of sheet, linear components as well as a system to lookup a cost in the Component cost list.

Keep in mind that the value of the attribute should reflect the cost of the component only, any cost of sub-components should be put on the sub-component, so you don’t include a cost twice.

Components and sub-components that are hidden by the dynamic component Hidden attribute, are OMITTED.


The value must be a currency value. You can input the value as number ‘58,75’ which can be edited by the user, or you can make a formula.


This attribute works exactly the same way as zbu_cost. The only difference is that they can be assigned different markup percentages in Extension preferences.


The value must be minutes, and is used to calculate time estimated for the project. In Extension preferences a cost per minute of labor can be assigned, this will include the cost of labor in the price calculation. If you want to keep track of time, but do not want to include the cost in price calculation, set the value to 0.

Special DC functions for cost calculations


BoxUp adds 3 new DC functions that can calculate cost value in zbu_cost and zbu_material.

These functions will use cost prices which is stored outside your model, this means the can be globally maintained. If you for example change the cost of a sheet material, the change will take effect on all your DC components when they are re-drawn, and ALSO if the material is used in other not loaded models, will also take effect, once the model is loaded and it DC components are re-drawn.


This function will use a key to lookup a value in ‘Component cost list’.


This function will calculate cost of a sheet-based based on the components current size and thickness, using cost attributes of the material. This function can also include price calculate for edge-banding. Sheet-based materials could MDF, particleboard, glass, acrylics, composites, foam, really anything sheet-based


This function will calculate cost of a linear component based on the components current length, using cost attributes of the material. Linear components could be aluminium profiles, plastic profiles, moldings, gaskets, wooden boards, anything you buy in lengths.