Recursos do BoxUp

BoxUp manager

  • All features in one place
  • Fast and responsive
  • Works on what you select
  • Works off-line - Component collections stored locally
  • Integrated documentation links


  • Integrated component swapper with list of alternative components
  • Change attributes for multible selected components
  • Shows list of editable attributes on sub-components


  • Change materials bulk by face tag
  • Change direction of texture vertical or horizontal
  • Assign primary material to component
  • Automatic paint new components with last used material


  • Project list (with pricing PRO)
  • Hardware components list (with costs PRO)
  • Sheet lists for cutting (with costs PRO)
  • Linear components list for profiles (with costs PRO)
  • Edgebanding list (with costs PRO)
  • Copy and paste lists to spreadsheet/text editor (PRO)

Cost calculation (PRO)

  • Globally maintained material/component pricing
  • Handles edgebanding materials cost
  • Handles labor estimates
  • Different markup factor for costs, material and labor

Additional DC functions (PRO)

  • Lookup attributes value through multiple parents
  • Swap components with list of alternative components.
  • Sectioning component behavior depending on position in other component.
  • Cost calculation for sheet and linear based materials.
  • Component cost lookup with key
  • Set access type for another attribute on any parent component.