How Materials, Tags and Faces work together

You can change material on all faces within the selection, including all sub-components.
The drop-down list contains alternative materials found in the BoxUp materials folder, that includes the tag from the face.
Cost/pricing is updated for the component(s).
The alternative materials don’t have to be loaded in the model.


Tags can be assigned to components, materials and faces. Tags are case-sensitive. When clicking on the tag-box a drop-down list will show currently tags used in the model. New tags can be added by typing in the tags-box.

Material tags

Material tags are used to link component faces to material tags, you can think of it like grouping faces so you can do bulk material changes. Use ‘Materials’ to change materials bulk for any selected components.

Material tags is also used to populate optionlist in ‘Materials’. You can assign multiple tag to materials under ‘Material attributes’. Material tags are green